5 US Cities Searching for Flights More Than Any Others, Based on Search Data


It’s been a long time since many Americans have started searching for flights, but the time has come to plan a trip. We’re seeing data from Google that says that many Americans have been searching for flights, both international and domestic in order to see family members, reunite with friends, or simply to get away from it all and book a fantastic vacation getaway. From Hawaii to Montreal to Italy, Americans are searching for flights at more than any point in time over the last 12 months

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Via Google Search Data

Though the trend is taking place right across the USA, there are 5 US cities searching for flights more than any others, according to search data. This isn’t in terms of total search queries, but it looks at the percentage of search queries for flights based on the total number of searches in a given city per day. With that being said, here are the five cities dreaming (and searching for) flights more than any others. 

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Via Google Search Data

1. Denver, Colorado

No city in the USA is searching for flights like the city of Denver, Colorado. We found the cities on this list, especially Denver, quite surprising – given how much we enjoy each of the top five cities searching for flights. Denver is a gorgeous city, but it’s residents are ready for a vacation. 

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2. Tampa, Florida

All of the sun in Tampa has residents looking to cool off a bit this summer. Tampa summers are humid, which could explain why residents are searching for flights more than in any city in the USA except Denver. Along with Charlotte, Tampa is only one of two cities on this list that also ranked in the top 10 cities searching for hotels, indicating that Tampa residents are looking for a vacation stay, not just a weekend away to stay with family. 

Local travel professional Chelsea Rabeiro of Tampa’s Chelax Adventures says she’s never seen anything like this before, in particular the immediacy of requests. “Travel has picked up drastically since March and everyone is wanting last-minute vacations. The flight prices are insane.”

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3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City is where millions of people are currently searching for flights to, as well as for information on new hotels like Circa and Resorts World, both of which are trending. But there’s a lot of data to suggest that locals are searching hard for flights from this party town. Getting away from the bright lights of Las Vegas and into a beach resort with a little bit more peace and quiet is a better fit for many residents of Las Vegas. 

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4. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is also the number six city in the country searching for “all-inclusive”, indicating that Charlotte residents are ready to have a good time this summer after a long year. Charlotte consistently ranked in the top 10 for many of the travel-related queries we examined, indicating that there’s a broad appeal to getting away this summer. 

Cathy Reavis from World Travel Mates has been in the travel industry for over 35 years and sees many reasons why Charlotte residents are searching for flights now more than ever. “Charlotte offers a great selection of nonstop flights within the US and also to the Caribbean, and pre-covid to Europe which I expect will be re-instated,” said Reavis. “Charlotte is also centrally located to most of North and South Carolina, so many passengers are willing to drive to Charlotte for the luxury of a nonstop flight. We know from our call volume right now, people are ready to travel!”


5. Dallas, Texas

Rounding out our list of US cities searching for flights more than any others is Dallas Texas. They also ranked in the top five for searches about getaways, and high on the list for cities researching car rentals. Dallas is not currently under strict COVID-19 rules, and traveling from the city is certainly on the minds of residents.

At Bolds Travel & Tours, Beverly Olds sees the largest increases coming from travel to destinations south of the US border. “There’s definitely been an increase in interest to Mexico and the Caribbean since Europe is just opening up.” Olds is reminding travelers to be patient and get to the airport early. even though travel is rebounding, service levels simply haven’t returned to pre-pandemic levels.


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