unique foods in states

Every state is home to its own traditions, lingo, and yes, food. We scoured the United States of America in search of some of the most delicious food that’s also extremely hard to find outside of its home state. Here’s a look at 8 amazing foods you can only find in one state.

1. Wet Burritos with Christmas Chiles: New Mexico


New Mexican food, in our opinion, is some of the most underrated cuisine in North America. It’s a little bit Mexican, a little bit Tex-Mex, flavors of Pueblo, and (here’s the kicker) always smothered in delicious chiles.

A wet burrito is a burrito smothered in chiles and cheese and baked to perfection in the oven until it’s a melty-tasty-plate of perfection. After enjoying your wet burrito, end the meal with a sopaipilla. These are light fluffy fried pastries served after most New Mexican meals. Drizzle with honey and enjoy.

We truly believe that there is a unique, delicious food renaissance happening in Sante Fe right now, and you’re not going to find any comparable New Mexican food outside of the state. Here are 10 restaurants to visit in Santa Fe to get delicious New Mexican cuisine.

2. Crab Pretzels: Maryland


You can find these delicious bites on most pub and bar menus in Maryland, but good luck locating one outside the state of Maryland. Crab Pretzels are soft, bavarian style pretzels, topped with warm crab dip that’s full of rich lump crab meat. Cover it with cheese, bake it until golden brown, and you’re in business.

3. Scrapple: Pennsylvania

Okay, so you can also spot Scrapple in nearby Delaware and Virginia…but it’s definitely specific to this region of the country. Scrapple is pork scraps, mixed with cornmeal, and deep-fried. You may have seen Guy Fieri taste it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

4. Chislic: South Dakota


Cubed red meat, anyone? You can find Chislic in plenty of places in Sioux Falls, but good luck locating it outside of South Dakota. It’s traditionally made from mutton or lamb, but can also be made from wild game like deer, or potentially beef. It’s simple – cooked medium rare to medium in a deep fryer, served with garlic salt, enjoyed by the entire state for decades.

5. White Clam Pizza: Connecticut


Clams on a pizza? You’d better believe it. New Haven is one of the best pizza cities…dare we say in the world? The white clam pie is prepared by throwing clams, olive oil, romano, garlic, and oregano on pizza dough. It originated at Frank Pepe’s but you can find it at pretty much any pizza joint in New Haven.