5 Things to Do When You Visit the Cayman Islands

things to do in the cayman islands

The Cayman Islands are situated in the middle of the Caribbean, sitting roughly the same distance south from Havana, Cuba as they are West from Kingston, Jamaica. If you love the sun, the water, and the slow life, you’ll love visiting the Cayman Islands.

The islands may only be a few miles long, but there’s plenty to do when you visit. For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on Grand Cayman Island since that’s most likely where you’ll be wanting to stay. Take a look at these five things to do when you visit.

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1. Pet the stingrays


The stingrays at Stingray City are huge, happy, and healthy. The area is a special landmark in the cayman islands, as Stingray City is located on a shallow sand bar that’s home to approximately 50 stingrays weighing in at over 150 lbs each! Don’t be nervous, if you take a tour staff will teach you how to feed and spend time in the water with these magnificent creatures. The rays are wild and free with no fenced area, and they’re extremely friendly. If there was a dog of the ocean, it would be the stingray.

2. Snorkel at Coral Gardens

things to do in the cayman islands

One of the best things to do in the Caribbean is snorkel or scuba dive, and if you’re a beginner we’d highly recommend checking out Coral Gardens. The water is about 8-10 feet deep, and there are hundreds of species of fish and coral formations to look at. Keep your eyes open for turtles, but just in case you don’t see one, head to #3.

3. Meet the turtles


The Cayman Turtle Centre is the largest tourist attraction in the Cayman Islands, outside of lying on the beach. The wildlife encounter hosts more than 200,000 visitors every year, with most tourists coming to meet the turtles. You can swim in Turtle Lagoon with Green Sea Turtles, watch the sharks at feeding time, view the abundance of Caribbean birds including the Cayman Parrot, and check out the breeding pond which is home to turtles that are ready to start reproducing. Some weigh in at over 500 lbs!

4. Relax on Seven Mile Beach


Honestly, if you could only do one thing on this list, relaxing on Seven Mile Beach might be the best option. It’s one of the most stunning beaches in the world, with tons of room to get privacy, white sand, and crystal clear waters. Swim, snorkel, read, sleep, have a Painkiller – the world is your oyster (or conch).

5. See Starfish Point


This secluded beach has extremely shallow water, making it the perfect place for starfish to hangout. Maybe you’ve seen a starfish before, but you’ve probably never seen them like this. They’re big, they’re orange, and they’re everywhere. It’s a 6-minute walk from Rum Point, bring your snorkel!

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