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5 Gorgeous Beach Destinations You Probably Haven’t Heard Of…Yet

gorgeous beach destinations you haven't heard of yet

You can imagine where the nicest beaches in the world are, can’t you? You’re probably thinking Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil, the Caribbean, or a tiny island in the Mediterranean.

The world is big though, and there are some stunning beaches in places that aren’t your typical beach countries. Take a look at these 5 gorgeous beaches in far-off places that you’re going to want to visit as soon as possible.

1. Hualien, Taiwan

Taiwan beaches

According to Island Life Taiwan, the five nicest beaches in Hualien are Qixingtan, Jici, Niushan Huting, Chongde, and Beibin & Nanbin, in that order. Spectacular mountains meet the sea all five of these beaches, which is really what makes them so unique.

2. Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Located just a few miles from the border with Brazil, Punta del Diablo is home to working fisherman, Brazilian and Argentinian tourists, and stunning beaches. There’s a local surfing school that attracts plenty of attention from both novices and professional surfers.

3. Bournemouth Beach, England

Bournemouth Beach

If you’re from the UK you likely know Bournemouth, but if not, here’s your introduction. Bournemouth Beach has been voted the #1 beach in the UK by multiple publications and websites including TripAdvisor. 7 miles of golden sand beaches give it a sort of Mediterranean feel that’s perfect for a quick getaway.

4. Mombasa, Kenya

mombasa kenya beaches

When most people think of Kenya, they think of wildlife, safaris, or Kilimanjaro which sits on the border to the south. What many people overlook are the stunning beaches that can be found in Mombasa on the east coast. Resorts, white-sand beaches, and fruity drinks await.

5. Tofino, Canada

tofino beaches

From Africa to Canada. Tofino is an extremely quiet beach town in British Columbia, Canada. This sleepy surfer town is home to amazing waves and stunning beaches that you can visit year-round – just bring a dry suit!

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