5 Cities to Visit on Your Next Trip to Poland

cities to visit in poland

Poland’s tourism numbers are constantly going up, and it’s in large part tourism to the five cities on this list. German visitors make up the majority of travelers, but there’s been a growing number of British, American, and Italian tourists checking out the country as well. If you’re thinking of making a trip to Poland, be sure to stop in these five cities.

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1. Krakow

visit krakow poland

Just stroll along the Royal Road to understand what all the fuss about Krakow is about. It starts in the medieval Old Town and works its way to Wawel Hill, passing by the Battle of Grunwald Monument, the Krakow Barbican, the Czartoryski Museum and Library, Florian Gate which sits at Florianska Street, St. Mary’s Basilica, and the Main Market Square. Finish your walk by gazing upon Wawel Castle and Wawel Cathedral, with some of the most spectacular views in the city.

2. Warsaw

visit warsaw poland

Warsaw is home to nearly 2 million people, making it the countries largest city (and the capital). Lonely Planet calls it “A phoenix arisen from the ashes…impressing with its resilience, respect for history, contemporary style and sheer joie de vivre.” Strong words from one of our favorite travel guides. Be sure to visit the Royal Castle, Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw Rising Museum, Wilanow Palace, and Palace of Culture and Science.

3. Gdansk

visit gdansk poland

This city on the Baltic Coast is quickly becoming a tourist favorite. The city can easily be seen in one to two days, so it’s a great add on to your Poland travel itinerary. The city bounced back and forth from German to Polish territory for hundreds of years and went by the name Danzig while under German rule. At the end of World War Two, it was bombed heavily by the Allies and the Soviets, and following the war, it was rebuilt with a completely new style of architecture that will remind you more of the Netherlands or France than Germany.

4. Torun


Torun’s Old Town is itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with many saying it’s one of the most picturesque spots in Europe. Unlike Gdansk it went virtually undamaged during World War Two, leaving beautiful structures intact. We recommend visiting Caesar’s Arch, St. Mary’s Church, the Copernicus Monument, and the Holy Spirit Gate. No need to travel to Pisa – there’s even a Leaning Tower of Torun!

5. Wroclaw


Located in Western Poland, Wroclaw is known for it’s Old Town, Market Square, and Mathematical Tower where you can take in great views of the city. You’ll want to visit Cathedral Island which is great for a nice long walk, you’ll find churches and gas lamps lining the streets as you go. Strolling the city is a great way to end your trip to Poland.