Paragliding in Switzerland

Switzerland. Known for its scenic alpine views, cheese, chocolate, and of course…bucket list-worthy adventures. Whether you’re looking to visit this Winter or are holding off until the weather warms up, we know you’ll find your thrill here.

We can’t in good faith write about the beautiful adventures awaiting you in Switzerland without first talking about its world-famous skiing.

That’s why first on our list is…

1. Skiing in the Alps

Switzerland is a skier’s and snowboarder’s paradise. The most challenging decision you’ll have to make is choosing which beautiful ski resort to dedicate your days to. Luckily, we’ve done the hard part for you. Zermatt, while on the much pricier side, is well worth your time. With 54 different lifts, this Matterhorn Mountain is nothing short of a luxurious dream. 

Zermatt is the highest point to ski in the entire country, and with that being said, fantastic snow conditions are pretty much guaranteed. We also love how the mountain offers pistes for every level of skier. So, whether you’re looking to have some fun with the family or trying your luck at one of the more difficult runs, you’re promised the adventure of a lifetime.

Did we mention the apres-ski options? Because they’re pretty incredible. You’ll certainly have no shortage of restaurants or snowy activities to fulfill all your winter fairytale fantasies.

2. Mount Titlis Cliff Walk

Built between two cliffs, this 100-meter suspension bridge is not for the faint of heart. The best part? To get to the cliff walk, you’ll have to ride on the Titlis Rotair, a revolving gondola that will show you 360 views of the scenery around you. Consider it a taste of what’s to come at the top.

Once you arrive at the summit in Engelberg, you’ll find your way to the glacier cave through the underground tunnel.

Cue the jawdropping vistas; you’ll quickly be blown away as you reach the first viewing point and have a moment to soak up the incredible view of the mountainous abyss below you. Some even say these are the best views in Switzerland. We’d have to agree.

When we think of adventure-induced adrenaline in Switzerland, our minds pretty much immediately go to Interlaken, probably because it’s also referred to as the “adventure capital” of the country. From white water rafting to bungee jumping and paragliding, the options for breathtaking views and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are endless.

Let’s start off with…

3. Paragliding in Interlaken

One of the best parts about paragliding in Interlaken (besides the fact that the area is situated between two stunning lakes), is that you can try it out regardless of when you plan to visit. So whether you prefer seeing snowy Interlaken from above or waiting until Summer to experience Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, you’ll be pleased with your time spent in the air.

We think paragliding is the perfect activity for those looking for an adrenaline rush but aren’t quite prepared to commit to bungee jumping (we definitely don’t blame you). We’d ask you to take pictures, but honestly, photos and the feeling of your feet soaring above the mountains won’t do this experience justice. You’ll just have to trust us and try it out for yourself. You’re welcome.

4. White Water Rafting in Interlaken

We especially love this adventurous activity because it’s something everyone can enjoy. While it still provides that sense of thrill and excitement we’re all looking for, you can also bring along the family.

Did we mention how beautiful the turquoise blue waters are, especially when combined with the sweeping mountain views? You’ll feel exhilarated soaring through the Lütschine River as you navigate class III-IV rapids. So hold on tight and, of course, be prepared to get soaked.

Sounds like an epic adventure to us.

5. Mountain Biking

While this might sound like less of a challenge for you thrill-seekers out there, we swear that some of the mountain trails in Switzerland will quickly prove you wrong.

Exploring the Valais Alps by bike will give you a first-row seat to some of the most incredible alpine biking terrains in the country, which turns out can prove pretty tricky.

The route that ends in the Vaud Riveria for example, can take a few days to complete. You’ll even experience the castles of Sion along the way, worth the challenge in itself if you ask us.

So which adventurous activity in this memorizing country is next on your list? Keep us posted!