apple watch apps for travel

Thinking about taking a trip in 2022? Before you depart, take some time to download these handy apps for your trip. An Apple Watch is a fantastic travel companion, able to tell you things about where you’ve visited and to track what you’re up to. These 5 Apple Watch Apps are must-downloads before your next trip!

1. Train Fitness AI

train fitness ai
Via Train Fitness AI

This is an incredibly powerful app for the Apple Watch – it’s actually the world’s first app that can detect exercises and track reps automatically.

When you travel, the last thing you want to do is lug around your exercise log. Train Fitness makes exercise tracking a simple, streamlined process. Just download the app, start the workout on your Apple Watch, and Train’s AI takes care of the rest. You’ll be able to easily track your workouts from your Apple Watch and stay in tip-top shape while you’re on vacation – you won’t come back a pound heavier if you download this app before your trip!

2. Carrot Weather

carrot weather
Via Carrot Weather

Recently named the Apple Watch app of the year, Carrot Weather optimizes its best-in-class forecasts for your wrist with ease – you’ll never get caught in a torrential downpour again. The app is packed with personality, but it’s the first rate weather predictions that are the real draw.

Choose from 18 different weather-related metrics to add to your Apple Watch, you’ll be able to view everything from temperature (duh) to pollen count or UV index. Weather nerds, get ready for your new favorite app.

3. Just Press Record

just press record
Via Just Press Record

If you’re a travel writer, blogger, or just like to journal and keep notes of your trips – this app is perfect for you. Just Press Record lets you take audio notes with one tap, as the name implies. Capture these important moments effortlessly right on your Apple Watch.

Our favorite thing about the app has to come down to its accuracy. The transcription on Just Press Record is really well done, you won’t find yourself having to re-edit a bunch of your notes as you’re out exploring the world.

4. App in the Air

app in the air
Via App in the Air

Don’t take off without downloading this Apple Watch App. App in the Air is the single place to track your itineraries, boarding passes, and to manage your miles across multiple airlines. The main thing for us is that this app is so quick to get you updates about flight changes.

Another amazing thing about this app is that it learns your travel preferences over time – if you take a lot of red eyes, the app will assume that’s your preference. It’s like a travel assistant in your pocket and on your wrist. Plus…this app makes sure you will never be without a WiFi password at an airport ever again!

5. Night Sky

night sky
Via Night Sky

From the Big Dipper to the Southern Cross, the world’s skies look a bit different everywhere you go. That’s why we recommend downloading Night Sky before you travel, it’s one of the best apps to have on your wrist if you love to look at the stars. You’ll be in the know on constellations, planets, and significant stars wherever you are in the world. We love exploring the planet with this little app by our side!

Do you have a favorite Apple Watch App for traveling? Let us know!