24 Rules for Travelers

24 rules for travelers

I urge you to travel. It turns the harsh into the empathetic, the weak into the strong, and the nervous into the brave. It’s both a window and a mirror at the same time, allowing you to look outward at the world, collect information and understanding, and use your experiences to look inward and change yourself for the better. Follow these 24 rules for travelers to get the most out of your adventures. Go boldly, friends.

24 Rules for Travelers

1. Never trust a camel, monkey, or raccoon

2. Give thanks to the travel Gods when the middle seat next to you is empty

3. Learn how to say please and thank you in the local language

4. Always pack a bathing suit

5. Cherish the WiFi while you have it

6. Spend a weekend learning how to drive stick

7. Take the road less traveled

8. Wake up early and go to bed late – you can sleep when you’re dead

9. Start conversations with a smile

10. No work e-mails allowed

11. If you see locals in line for a restaurant, get in the line

12. For every item you cross off your bucket list, add two more

13. Go to the bathroom before you get on the plane/train/bus

14. Forget the guidebook – it’s out of date anyway

15. Wear cheap sunglasses so you won’t cry when you lose them (and you will lose them)

16. Keep a journal, even if it’s just three sentences a day

17. Photos are great but videos will make you smile more when your trip’s over

18. Order the special

19. Don’t touch the mini-bar

20. Never say no to a hammock

21. Ask the flight attendant for the full can of Coke

22. Splurge when you can

23. Don’t lose your sense of wonder

24. Never forget where you came from

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