things to miss about travel

COVID-19 has got us missing trains, planes, and automobiles. We’re missing the open road, seeing new stamps in our passports, and meeting new people. We’re missing travel.

While self-isolation could go on for a while, we’re already thinking about where we’ll go and what we’ll do when international travel opens up again. Here’s a list of 20 things about traveling that we’ll never, ever take for granted again.

1. The Airport Beer

It’s never too early and you’re never alone.

2. Getting restaurant recommendations from the locals

If you see a line, get in it.

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3. When you find a secret swimming hole

Don’t tell anyone. There’s nothing better than realizing it’s just yours for the day.

4. Getting an upgrade to business class

Getting upgraded to a pod might be better than anything we’ve ever experienced.

5. Collecting shot glasses, fridge magnets, and other silly trinkets everywhere we go

Or, if you’re like me, fridge magnets that double as bottle openers. It makes for a bit of hunting.

6. When you celebrate a milestone abroad

Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations – what better way to celebrate a milestone than with a trip?

7. Seeing a new animal in the wild for the first time

Bonus points if you’re on safari.

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8. Setting foot in a beautiful place where you’re the only tourist

Sometimes you just know that a place is going to be overrun by tourists in 5-10 years. We’ve been saying it about Colombia for a few years now.

9. Doing an adventure activity that gets your blood pumping

Especially if it’s an adventure activity you know your mom wouldn’t support. Be sure to get it on video.

10. When a sunset, sunrise, or landscape view leaves you speechless

You’ll remember those moments.

11. Picking up a rental car and immediately getting lost in a new city

Even with Google Maps, it’s pretty damn hard to navigate a foreign country.

12. When the place you’ve wanted to visit forever is actually more stunning in person

There’s nothing like visiting your dream destination and having it exceed expectations.

13. Discovering a speakeasy

Password? We love Good Times at Davey Wayne’s in Los Angeles and Please Don’t Tell in NYC.

14. Taking trips with your BFF

Make sure you take every opportunity you get to travel with friends. You won’t always have free time at the same time.

15. When the local cup of coffee is out of this world

Vietnam is the best in our books. Or Cuba. Or Turkey.

16. Tasting the local cuisine, even if it’s a meal that’s out of your comfort zone

If it’s a local delicacy, and you’ve never seen it before – try it.

17. Traveling alone and finding out a bit more about yourself

It can seem daunting, but you’ll always come back with a new understanding.

18. Treating yourself to a spa day

A must for every vacation’s half-way point.

19. When you splurge on an expensive meal

When in Rome!

20. Learning about people and cultures, and bringing home a little perspective

Bring back what you’ve learned and use your experience to appreciate what you have.