things to do in bermuda

Come on pretty mama. You know it’s time to visit Bermuda. If you’re looking for an island that is nowhere near civilization, or even any neighboring islands, you’ve found your vacation destination. Let’s take a look at 15 things you can do when you visit Bermuda.

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1. Do nothing at all

This had to be number one on our list. Bermuda is peaceful, beautiful, and the perfect place to do nothing but recharge your batteries.

2. Go jump off a cliff

We’d recommend checking out Blue Hole Park and Admiralty House Park.

3. Golf

Port Royal, Turtle Hill, and Tucker’s Point are all fantastic options when you want to hit the links. Or, get some biodegradable balls and hit them right off the pink sand beaches. Your call.

4. Cocktails and moonlit nights

Actually, speaking of Tucker’s Point – it’s one of the best spots on the island to grab a rum-filled cocktail.

5. Go birdwatching

See if you can spot the Bermuda Longtail, a threatened species home to the island.

6. Take a rip around the island

What’s better than a family jetski in these clear blue waters?

7. Deep-sea Fishing

There’s not much better than deep-sea fishing. Marlin, wahoo, and tuna are some of the most popular catches.

8. Try a spiny lobster

It’s one of the island’s specialties. From September to March, you’ll find it in nearly every restaurant.

Here’s a look at it on a table, just so you have the full picture:

9. Take in the sunset

You can’t beat a sunset in Bermy. It’s one of a kind.

10. See the notorious Bermuda Triangle

Take in a shipwreck when you visit, like the HMS Vixen shown above. It’s as eerie in person as you’d imagine.

11. Cool off with a pint

There are two great breweries to choose from in Bermuda, North Rock and Dockyard.

12. Try the local fruit

Loquats are a way of life in Bermuda. Strawberries, papaya, and Suriname cherries can also be found in abundance.

13. See the beaches on horseback

The only thing better than pink sand beaches is pink sand beaches on horseback.

14. Stress relief

You’ll find the entire island therapeutic, but there’s nothing quite like a massage in a cave to get your mind and body right.

15. Put your toes in the pink sand

It’s truly unique. The pink sand will keep you coming back the next time you need to recharge.