italian food

The most challenging thing about visiting Italy is trying to make more room for food. You’ll eat burrata and prosciutto for an antipasto, pasta as a first course, meat as a second, and then somehow be expected to eat tiramisu and gelato on your walk home. What a struggle.

Italy is undeniably one of the best countries in the world to visit for food lovers. It has a range of flavors that have been passed down from generation to generation. The care for the quality of the food is unmatched, and these 15 photos demonstrate just that. Here’s a visual journey that supports the notion that Italy has the best food in the world.

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1. Tiramisu

The king of Italian desserts. Both Veneto and Friuili-Venezia Giulia claim to be home to the “original” tiramisu. You’ll just have to visit both spots.

2. Cacio e Pepe

Cheese + Pepper = Cacio e Pepe. Simple, but exquisite.

3. Burrata

There’s a ton of cheese to try in Italy, so don’t limit yourself. That being said, the parmesan, pecorino, and burrata are to die for.

4. Panini

All Antico Vinaio in Florence is our favorite sandwich in the world. Seriously. It’s the only sandwich shop that made our top 5 places to eat in Florence.

5. Carbonara

Bacon, eggs, and cheese on Pasta. What’s not to love? The restaurant featured above (Da Enzo) is located in Rome and is our favorite restaurant in Italy. Make a reservation over a month in advance, it’s tiny and busy.

6. Florentine Steak

Thick cut, marbled, and served sizzling.

7. Pizza

You’re hard-pressed to find a bad slice of pizza in Italy. One of our favorite tips is to check local bakeries for pizza – they do it right!

8. Fried Zucchini Blossoms

The vegetables in Italy are fresh and locally sourced. Be sure to try the fried zucchini flowers.

9. Charcuterie

Capicola, pancetta, salami, and prosciutto crudo are the go-tos.

10. More Pizza

The dish so nice we posted it twice.

11. Orecchiette

These little bites of deliciousness can be found throughout Apulia (the heel of the boot).

12. Cannoli

Grab an espresso and a cannoli every chance you get.

13. Tortellini

Whether they’re stuffed with meat, cheese, or all the above, the tortellini throughout Italy is always a winner.

14. Bolognese

For those who like a little meat in their pasta.

15. Gelato

Finish off every meal with two scoops of gelato. It’s a requirement when traveling Italy.