hidden beaches to visit

There’s nothing worse than heading out for your relaxing beach vacation and dealing with the crowds. We’ve scoured the globe to find 14 of the world’s most beautiful beaches that are as peaceful as they are pristine.

Makua Beach in Oahu, Hawaii

This secret beach might be hard to find off the main highway in Oahu, but if you make the turn in time, breathtaking tidal pools, sea caves, and excellent snorkeling await — all without the hustle and bustle of nearby beaches.

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California

Pfeiffer Beach is truly one of the most insta-worthy beaches in the world. With actual purple sand and its signature landmark, Keyhole Rock, we’re sure you’ll never want to leave.

Sand Beach in Bar Harbor, Maine

Located in Acadia National Park, this hidden oasis is the perfect end to your long hike. Maine isn’t typically known for its beaches which keeps them nice and secluded.

Navagio Beach in Zykanthos, Greece

Swap the hectic social scene of Mykanos for the serenity of Zykanthos.

Navagio Beach, often referred to as Smuggler’s Cove because of its three-decade-old shipwreck lodged smack dab in the middle, is a little-explored paradise where secret, harmonious coves are hidden from plain sight by prodigious limestone bluffs.

Benagil Sea Cave in Portugal

This gigantic dome is only accessible by water and has a natural, oculus-shaped skylight that illuminates the sandy floors of this hidden cave. The view is absolutely mesmerizing, especially during sunrises and sunsets.

Pink Beach in Bonaire

You’d think visitors would flock to this beach to see the sand turn pink when it gets wet, but since there are no facilities nearby (yikes) it’s often not as crowded as other popular shores.

Playa del Amor in Mexico

You actually have to swim underwater through a short tunnel to get to this secret beach. Hold your breath, it’s worth it.

Dry Tortugas in Florida

Dry Tortugas, only accessible by boat or plane, is a welcome refuge from Florida’s notoriously crowded beaches.

Lord Howe Island in Australia

Looking at this picture, you’re probably wondering why this picturesque spot isn’t more popular. Well, it is. Tourists are capped at 400 to prevent overcrowding. If only more cities adopted this decree!

Whitehaven Beach in Australia

Like many others on this list, you have to take a boat to this island beach. The sand is some of the whitest and purest in the world, and you’ll never see more turquoise water in your life. We promise.

Con Dao, Vietnam

This cluster of islands, located just off the southern coast of Vietnam, is sparsely populated and makes for the perfect spot to be alone with your thoughts.

Ibo Island, Mozambique

Definitely pricier than a lot of the other secret beaches we found, but a visit to Ibo Island is one more than worth it.

Cíes Islands, Spain

This archipelago off the coast of Spain has yet to be flooded with tourists, so you can still enjoy your solitude AND the low prices. This won’t last forever, though, so you’d better book your ticket soon.

Pyla-sur-Mer, France

This intoxicating beach is set amid a rolling landscape that truly takes your breath away. I mean…just look! Are you convinced yet??