virtual travel

For most people, it’s now closing in on multiple weeks of social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantining. If life is starting to feel dreary and repetitive, walking from your work desk to your couch over and over, virtual travel experiences may be the answer. In light of COVID-19, many museums, venues, and travel experiences have shut down operations. But, some are still offering entertainment accessible right to your home.

We’ve highlighted the ten best virtual travel experiences available right now. Experience one of these a day for the next ten days to add some excitement to your quarantine.

The Met

For anyone traveling to New York, a stop into the famous Met Museum is a must. Founded in 1870, the Met displays over 5,000 pieces of art from around the world. Usually, the cost of admission is $25 per adult. However, in early 2017, the Met produced six videos that take viewers through a virtual experience of the venue and its art, for free. Since then, the videos have racked up more than 11 million views. And, we suspect, COVID-19 will be making those views spike significantly higher now.  Experience the short video series here.

The Louvre

The Louvre, located in Paris, is the world’s most visited museum. However, in mid-March, the museum shut down due to coronavirus concerns.

Luckily for those who need a break from Netflix, the Louvre offers 360-degree virtual tours on its website. In total, there are four tours you can take: the Exhibition: The Advent of the Artist, Egyptian Antiques, Remains of the Louvre’s Moat, and the Galerie Apollon. 

the louvre virtual tours

New England Aquarium

If you’re missing seeing animals, the New England Aquarium has found a way to stay connected with its audience during this crazy pandemic. Tune in every day for live Facebook feedings, educational presentations, and more. If you can’t join the live videos, check out the recorded videos on YouTube. The penguin feedings are our personal favorites!

virtual aquarium tours

North Carolina Zoo

Along with many aquariums out there, zoos are offering virtual tours to keep their fan base excited and educated. You can check out North Carolina’s weekly live videos or their previous educational recordings. You just might become an animal expert in quarantine!

virtual tours zoo

Burning Man

While festivals like Coachella have chosen to postpone their event until later in the year, Burning Man took a different approach. Burning Man is a festival held in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada. Started in 1986, thousands of people gather at the temporarily erected Black Rock City to celebrate. 

This year, the festival has chosen to continue with a “multiverse” theme and be completely online. The full details are still to be released, but the organization is determined to make this year as memorable as previous ones for its attendees. 

There will be tickets sold to “attend” and support the Burning Man organization.

Disney Parks

Disney made the difficult decision to close its entertainment parks around the world. However, in classic Disney fashion, the company is pulling through to continue entertaining its loyal consumer base. Through Disney Magic Moments, viewers can take virtual rides or walks through many Disney parks. Perfect for the kids or the adults who still have a soft spot for Disney. 

Disney world closed


People should be limiting their time outdoors for now, but we can still watch animals explore the outdoors. There are plenty of options out there for virtual safari tours. One recommendation is andBeyond, which offers daily sunrise and sunset videos of three-hour-long rides through game parks in South Africa. You can choose to watch on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram Live. 

virtual safari

The Cliffs of Moher

This experience is perfect for those that had to cancel their plans to Ireland, want to reminisce about a previous trip to Ireland, or just want to go someday. It’s not a long experience, but you can take a virtual tour of the Cliffs of Moher and its fantastic scenery. And, this way, there’s no danger of falling!

One Day in Jerusalem … In Under Five Minutes

Jerusalem is a travel destination for those who love history, food, and culture. In this short, scripted video, you are walked through a day in Jerusalem. It’s a beautiful five-minute escape that will transport you into another world. 

Jerusalem virtual video

The Northern Lights

As the world started to shut down, a photography company named Lights Over Lapland decided to create a virtual Arctic travel experience. Their YouTube channel features videos of reindeer sledding, a tour of an ice hotel, and the Northern Lights. All the videos are short, impactful, and will have you daydreaming about a winter vacation soon!