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For many of us, 2020 has been the year where we’ve had to cancel or put on hold some fantastic travel plans. Luckily, there seems to be hope around the corner that 2021 will include travel. Never again will any of us take for granted our travel plans – big or small. That’s why we took the time to dive into the top 10 things we miss about travel right now. So we can remember to appreciate them so much more when we’re fortunate enough to experience them again. 

1. The Trip Planning

In many ways, the trip planning itself was the start of the journey. During your planning, you take the time to learn where you’re going, which regions to focus on, what adventures to try, and more. Once you start the trip planning process, you start getting excited about what’s to come. There are so many different possibilities and itineraries for you to consider. We absolutely can’t wait until we are in the trip planning phase again.

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2. The Pre-Boarding Celebratory Drink

Remember that feeling of finally waking up the day of your flight, making it through security, and sitting down for a pre-boarding celebratory drink? You know you’re going to make your flight, you can finally relax, and you know a fun-filled vacation is ahead of you. That airport lounge beer or glass of wine somehow just tastes better.

a beer and cocktail at the airport lounge

3. Entering Your Hotel Room

Another travel moment we can’t help but romanticize right now is the first time you enter your hotel room. Your room is clean, a fresh bed awaits for you, and you have a safe spot to come back to after a day of adventures. Never again will we take for granted towels shaped into a swan on our hotel bed.

traveling in 2021

4. Disconnecting from Work

For those of us who have been lucky to continue working during this pandemic, it can feel ungrateful to complain about work. However, there’s no denying that remote work means you’re more likely to blur the lines of work and life balance. 

Often, travel was one of those few times when we would completely disconnect from work. No checking our inboxes or responding to emails. Travel is a time to enjoy life, relax, and reenergize.

5. The Food

It’s obvious that you can’t make a list of travel without mentioning food. No matter where you go, the new exciting restaurants and cuisine will always be a large focus of your trip. Additionally, the ability to indulge day after day on the basis that you’re on vacation is always an added benefit! 

street cafe

6. Shopping

Part of travel is taking in all the different products a new area has to offer. This shopping can be unique food products in grocery stores, the local items in an outdoor market, or fashion items in retail shops. There’s always something to bring back that will help you commemorate the trip. 

7. Meeting New People

Before social distancing was the norm, one of the guarantees of any trip was that you were going to meet someone new and fascinating. Whether it’s hearing a funny story from your taxi driver or meeting a friendly local at the hotel bar, you’re bound to have a memorable conversation or two during your travels.

Conversation between a customer and chef

8. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

When you travel, you’re often put into situations where you have to handle something new or think on your feet. You might need to figure out the transportation, the currency, how to communicate with locals, and more. These experiences may feel challenging in the moment, but it’s essential to get you out of your comfort zone. It helps you learn how to be a better traveler, learn new skills, and create great memories. We miss being pushed to doing something new and thrilling in a foreign area.

9. Sharing the Experience

Solo trips are fantastic but sharing a holiday with a friend, partner, or family member is extra special. You get to spend so much time with your travel partner(s), make memories together, and – bonus – split the costs of everything. We can’t wait to get back to traveling with those special people in our lives.

Friends who travel together

10. The Sense of Accomplishment

While vacations are lovely in many ways, there are also many stressful moments. There’s so much that can go sideways, such as missing a flight, getting lost in a foreign city, booking the wrong type of hotel or activity, and more. As you get through each stage of your holiday, you can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. You planned the trip, went to all of your ideal spots, and made it back home in a whole piece. That’s something to be proud of!

plane in the sky

The next chance we get, we’re going to relish in all of these travel moments.