The 10 Most Beautiful US Cities to Visit in the Spring

Sedona in spring

Spring marks the end of the cold winter and the start of many warmer days to come. Traveling during the spring is magical as you get to watch the flowers bloom and the sun come out. It’s also a perfect opportunity to take in many popular American cities before the waves of summer tourists come in. If you are itching for a spring vacation, we’ve found the 10 most beautiful US cities you should consider visiting in the Spring.

1. Skagit Valley, Washington

If you want to see fields and fields of beautiful flowers, head to Skagit Valley, Washington, this spring. Make sure to buy tickets to the stunning annual Tulip Festival, which runs the entire month of April. A visit to the endless fields of colorful tulips feels like the perfect springtime activity.

On top of tulips, Skagit Valley has a lot more to offer visitors. The gorgeous long Skagit River is a beautiful location for kayaking if you’re into water sports. You can also find lots of hiking trails and biking trails to explore this magnificent area. 

Spring Tulip Festival

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a bright city any time of the year, but it’s really in spring that things start to open up. Most notably, spring is when the town begins to launch its famous events. You’ll have plenty of outdoor events to attend and can stop by the local Farmers Market that runs from winter to early summer. 

Take advantage of the beautiful Sante Fe weather by exploring the Atalaya trailhead or take the more challenging hike up to the alpine Nambe Lake. Sante Fe has an amazing landscape that you’ll want to spend days and days exploring. It’s also quite potentially one of the best cities for food in the USA. Here are 10 restaurants to try in Santa Fe when you visit.

Farmer's market in the spring

3. Charleston, South Carolina

You know it’s springtime in Charleston, South Carolina when you can smell fresh jasmine in the air and see pink azaleas blooming everywhere. Charleston has excellent weather all year round, but if you’re lucky, March and April might be warm enough to go swimming at Kiawah Island Beach or Folly Beach – maybe.

This city is a popular spring vacation destination because it seems to have something for everyone. Tourists can enjoy amazing restaurants, beaches, historical museums, and a thriving bar scene. 

4. Sedona, Arizona

If you’re looking for an active spring vacation full of nature, then Sedona is the city for you. There are more than 100 hiking trails in this area that allow you to fully take in the beautiful scenery. Spring is also a perfect time to visit the Grand Canyon as there are fewer crowds.

You can spend your evenings visiting one of the famous nearby spas, such as the Mii Amo Spa at the Enchantment Resort. Or, make your way to the Verde Valley Wine Trail and visit tasting rooms at famous wineries like Alcantara Vineyards and Javelina Leap Vineyard. 

Sedona gets quite hot in the summer months, sometimes hitting the triple digits, which is why spring can make for a much more comfortable visit. 

Sedona, Arizona in the spring

5. Savannah, Georgia

Visit Savannah in March or April, and you’ll feel spring in the air. There’s Spanish moss growing everywhere, gardens full of blooming flowers, and there is almost-guaranteed daily sunshine. We love this city.

savannah georgia

Savannah is an undeniably fun city. You can grab a drink on a patio on the banks of the Savannah River, book a riverboat cruise, or enjoy live music on a rooftop bar. Savannah is truly the city to help you unwind and relax. 

6. Virginia Beach, USA

Virginia Beach is the ideal coastal getaway for spring. With spring temperatures warming up the entire city, Virginia Beach seems to come alive. This is an especially great trip if you’re looking to entertain kids. One of the most common activities for locals and tourists is to visit a pick-your-own-produce farm. You can spend a few hours picking fresh strawberries, Pungo berries, and other produce that is perfectly ripe and in season. 

After doing some fruit picking, take advantage of the nice weather and explore False State Cape Park or visit the Military Aviation Museum. 

There’s plenty of adult entertainment too, with ziplining, craft brewery tours, and wine bars throughout the city.

Virginia Beach

7. St. Pete Beach, Florida

St. Pete Beach is one of the best beach cities in the United States. University students are well-aware of this fact, so the “Spring Breakers” swarm to this city for days of nonstop parties, drinking, and tanning in the springtime. If you’re not planning to join the college-party scene, we recommend doing some research into when universities are holding their break and scheduling your trip on a different week. Plan your trip right and you can still enjoy all the beauty of St. Pete Beach without the crazy crowds of young partiers. 

st pete beach florida

St. Pete Beach can give you everything you need from a classic beach vacation – hot sun, white sandy beaches, and ocean-front restaurants. Don’t forget to check out which events are happening on the new St. Pete Beach Pier.

8. San Diego, California

San Diego is another sunny destination that is perfect for families. You’ll have so much to do each day that you won’t know where to start. Take your children to the San Diego Zoo or drive out less than an hour to LegoLand. Make sure to mix in some days at the beach in between all the activities so you get some time to relax too! Spring is when the city warms back up enough that the beach days feel hot enough for lounging.

san diego in spring

9. Burnet, Texas

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway that feels like it’s out of a movie, visit Burnet, Texas in the spring. Burnet is a part of what is known as “The Texas Hill Country,” a region prized for rolling hills of bluebonnets in the spring months. As you drive around the city, you’ll see gorgeous fields of blue and white, yellow, purple, and blue flowers everywhere you go. 

Round out this romantic trip with a winery tasting at Perissos Vineyards and a visit to the Sweet Berry Farm.

berry picking

10. Kauai, Hawaii

It’s impossible to make a list of spring vacations without mentioning Hawaii. Kauai is Hawaii’s fourth-largest and oldest island. It’s often referred to as the “green island.” The island seems to run at a slower pace that is truly perfect for a relaxing vacation. 

Spend your time in Kauai exploring the beautiful landscape by hiking to Wailua Falls and Visiting Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park. Kauai might start to look familiar to you because it’s luscious green rainforest has been the filming ground of all three Jurassic park films. You can even take a Jurassic park tour!

We highly recommend taking advantage of Kauai in the springtime before the summer crowds start to appear. The months of April and May still get great weather and you get to skip the summer’s expensive flight prices. 

Kauai, Hawaii

Take this as your sign that it’s time for an adventure this spring and check out one of these amazing cities.

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