instagram travelers to follow

If you’ve been searching for travel inspiration, Instagram is one of the best spots to visit online. Travel photographers, Tourism Boards, destination management companies, and general wanderlusters can be found at every turn.

These are 10 of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow. They inspire us to write, travel, and plan our next trip as we scroll.

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1. RK

RK is producing some of the most creative photography on Instagram today. Based in Tokyo, RK is a graphic designer, street photographer, and DJ, and his photos have a unique feel to them that you can spot a mile away in a busy timeline. They’ll make you want to book a flight to Japan today.

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2. Mitchell Kerby

Kerby posts some of the most amazing landscape shots you’ll ever find. Most of his photos are from the United States, including national parks and famous mountain ranges.

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3. Daniel Kordan

Kordan’s recent photography expedition to Antarctica was unbelievable. He captured some amazing shots like the one above, but be sure to scroll through the galleries and see all his shots.

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4. Jason Charles Hill

Speaking of incredible landscape shots, Jason Charles Hill has captured some amazing moments. This photo from Japan is a great example of how dramatic his photography can be. If his carousel post below doesn’t make you want to go to Africa, nothing will.

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5. Serge Ramelli

Serge Ramelli captures some of the best city shots on Instagram. From Paris, to Dubai, to Brooklyn, you’re always in for something special. Even when the sun goes down.

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6. Andy Mann

Andy is the Mann. A photographer for Nat Geo, he’s also a diver which allows him to capture shots like the above. Wildlife lovers must follow Andy Mann.

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7. Nat Geo Cappadocia

As to whether or not this account is actually run by Nat Geo, we can’t say. There’s no official blue checkmark next to their name, so we think it’s questionable. Nevertheless, this account is full of stunning photos that will make you want to visit Turkey and take a hot air balloon ride.

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8. National Park Service

Because let’s be honest – where else are you going to find pictures of wolverines on Instagram? They’re tough to spot! This account will make you pack up the van and head out on the open road.

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9. Quin Schrock

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Treasures of Mexico.

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These photos are guaranteed to get your adventurous mind going. Quin’s bio reads “It’s never too late to feel a little more alive”, and his photos are on theme.

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10. Catarina Mello

Last but not least is the professional traveler herself, Catarina Mello. Mello writes travel tips and ticks off bucket list items on her blog, which you can check out for yourself here. Get ready to be green with envy.

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