10 Incredible Experiences to Have in France

Sailing in France

France is a country rich in history, amazing wine and five-star restaurants. Enjoy the older architecture and vibrant art scene, go horseback riding, visit the glamor of the Riviera or savor the fruits of the vineyards of the south.  Here are 10 incredible experiences to have during your stay in France.

1. Biking in the Bordeaux Region

bike in bordeaux

Bike along the country lanes of the Gironde all the way to Blay, and savor the view of the Gironde Estuary. Stop along the way to admire the majestic architecture of Château de la Brède and the Romanesque ruins of Grande-Suave Abbey and to stroll through medieval villages, ancient castles and gnarly old vineyards.

2. Charter a Private Yacht on the French Riviera

french coast

Enjoy the best that the Azure Coast has to offer by cruising on the Riviera from Nice to Antibes to Cannes, stopping at each to enjoy the fine restaurants, swimming, clubbing and shopping that each port has to offer.

3. Learn French Cooking with a Parisian Chef

french cooking class

Book yourself into a cooking class with an experienced Parisian chef.  Learn how to make classic French dishes such as Croque Monsieur, Beef Bourguignon and Tarte Tatin and bring the skill of French cooking back home with you as a souvenir

4. Take a D-Day Tour at Dieppe


Pay your respects to the soldiers that died on the windy beaches of Dieppe by viewing the abandoned military ships, tanks and other equipment by jeep, sailboat or by hiring your own private Cessna plane.

5. Learn About Fashion at Louis Vuitton’s House

louis vuitton house

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the iconic Louis Vuitton which has not changed its hand-made crafting in its special orders workshop for almost 120 years.  An expert guide will take you through the well-appointed historic building and let you observe craftspeople putting together Louis Vuitton’s house.

6. Make Your Own Perfume at Galimard

galimard perfume

Galimard, the third oldest perfume creator in the world offers tourists a class with a master perfumer. You will learn all about the Galimard company and be able to take home a unique scent of your own that you have created in their laboratories,

7. Discover the Secrets of the Louvre

the louvre

Beneath the Louvre are many secret hidden passages and your tour guide will take you through them and show you how masterpieces are transported through the tunnels. Afterwards, you can opt to view the expansive sprawling art collection of the Louvre.

8. Tour the Halls of the Paris Grand Opera House

paris grand opera

Follow your guide, in the steps of the Phantom of the Opera, through the marble and gilt halls of the Paris Grand Opera House and learn how the staff use secret halls and stairways to manage the place. For a grand finale, an orchestra will play the theme to “The Phantom of the Opera” just for you.

9. Go Horseback at Provence

provence france

Just south of Paris you can go horseback riding in the hilly fields of Provence, with lanes, trails and paths that wind in and out vineyards and fragment fields of purple lavender.

10. Visit the Best Wine Bars in Paris

wine bar france

Let your expert sommelier take you to three of the best wine bars in Paris to sample the tastiest wines in France. Learn how to swirl, sniff, and sip wines to enjoy their quality like a real connoisseur.

France is such a vast beautiful place you are bound to take home a treasure-trove of incredible memories; it is also a place of secrets, especially in Paris – just when you think you have explored it all, you will want to go back to see more.

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